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having no friends sucks. [Jan. 13th, 2015|10:39 am]
It's mornings like this, after I've gotten Colleen off to school,and I'm just drinking coffee I really wish I had someone to talk to. I did a bulk of my deep cleaning yesterday.... Dusted, vacuumed, steam mopped my floors. I even turned Nico's bed into a toddler bed. He's able to climb out of a crib so I figured it was a good idea to just convert it so it's safer. We've been taking him, a lot. Right now we're only supposed to have him one overnight every other weekend and for a few hours every Tuesday. Instead, we take him pretty much every weekend, the whole weekend. And also every Tuesday for an overnight. Still not any easier as far as communication wth Alex, she's so childish and obviously clueless. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would be practically begging us to take him because he's not a little newborn anymore, he's in that stage between baby and toddlerhood. She's always saying how bad he is for her, but we honestly never have a problem with him. He must like my cooking :) I'm not sure what I really updated about last... I'm working. I got a decent job at Nino Salvaggio's. Their deli is insanely busy but that's cool because it makes the time go faster. They made me full time a month after I began, which was cool cause there was some people that basically had to go beg upper management for a full time position. I've had issues with my manager not scheduling me according to my availability and it's caused some problems at home. She knows i have to drop and pick up Colleen everyday so when she schedules me to work at those times it throws everything off. Eric really wants me to go back down to part time because a lot of the time he's stuck here with both kids and no car. I can understand how that can become exhausting. We're finally ahead on our bills and have money saved so I feel me working as much as possible is only beneficial. The plan is to work a lot, keep saving. Put away my tax return, and once Colleen is out of school for the summer, move!!! We will also have our security deposit from this place so we'll be ahead. We're looking more up north or maybe towards Davison. Wherever we decide is where we.intend to stay for a while, we're both over this moving around bullshit and want somewhere stable. So for the most part things are hectic but been going ok. Time keeps clipping along at an alarming rate and it's already a new year. 2014 started out a bit rough so already this year is looking better. We got a good routine going with the kids, and finally money isn't the biggest issue. I'm hoping for a positive and great 2015!! Well now that I've typed out such a huge update I guess I'm out of Shit to ramble on about so I'll be going for now, take it easy world.