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So this is what will be.... [May. 25th, 2014|11:12 am]
So finally we got things mostly resolved. What happened in court was this... Eric ended up getting joint legal custody. Which means, of course, any legal decision concerning the child is as much his say as hers. Religion, education, and medical care. This is already an issue of course, because the chick refuses to get the baby vaccinated, and Eric really wants him to have his shots. It's always a battle with this girl, and I stress girl because she is literally the most childish person I've ever known to exist. And if she hated Eric so much and thought he was going to be such a shitty father, why would she want his child? She didn't think he would even get to see the baby but she was completely wrong. What she wanted was child support, which I thought was funny, I know how that doesn't always even help from what I've been through myself. I lived out on my own, worked, and had Colleen a majority of the week and still onlreceived $39 a month in support. The only time you receive a lot for support it's when there is more than one child, and the father makes a lot of money, or doesn't see the kid much. There is a formula that is based on your income and time you spend with the child, that the state of Michigan goes by. So needless to day, she was upset cause she was hoping for a large paycheck every month, and for Eric to not be around. As of now, he's gets supervised visits for the next few months, only cause he never even got to see the baby before all this. They want the two of them to get to know each other, then he starts getting his real visitation. As of now, its only going to be weekends, rotating holidays, and I believe one night during the week also. Because she refuses to be an adult and try to communicate with Eric, they have to stick to a formal parenting plan. Kevin and I had reasonable, which means because we could communicate we were allowed to decide on our days together. That's how it should be, the courts get pissed when you make shit difficult and prefer the parents work these matters out between the two of them. I don't get it though, if you hate the other person, don't want them around, why would you have that persons kid? And on top of it, try to keep that person from the kid after? In our case, she was upset about how little she isreceiving in support, and immediately asked if Eric would sign of his rights so her boyfriend could adopt the baby. On grounds that her bf is "well off". Haha, that was a no for sure. You can't take someone through the system, get everything worked out, then just because you don't like the results try to change everything again. Shit isn't like that. So we're quite happy and relieved all that is finally over. Eric finally got to met Niko this past Thursday. I didn't go along for the first visit. I'm not even sure I'm going to go for the next one, its sort of up in the air. I stayed behind because she made such an issue out of everything, I wanted Eric to suck to the court arrangement unlike her, just to help his case if need be. After the visit though, he hasn't really got any shit from her, i think she was hoping it would go so well and then she could try to keep the baby from him again. But i guess it went great so she must have been disappointed. I'm happy for Eric. I was however a little upset when I found out we aren't going to be getting him for overnights for a little while yet. We got a nursery set up and I've been ready. Guess you can say I'm at that point in my life now. I always thought it was just an expression, but its true, my biological clock is ticking. Colleen is turning six soon, and on her way into first grade (holy shit). I'm 28, I have a few good years left then its really pushing it. Plus, everyone who was pregnant during the tine I was, already is on their second baby. I always thought is have another, then we find out Eric has a baby, so that kind of leaves our future concerning more children, up in the air? Not even really, I don't think Eric wants any more, now that we both have one. I get it, I really do, but its a bit disappointing, and also a little depressing because my body is telling me otherwise. Its a hard thing for me right now. Knowing that the person I intend to be with doesn't want anymore children, when i still want the experience and joy of pregnancy and another baby. That's why I was excited at first about Niko, I figured i could put all my love into that baby and that would satisfy my want of another. But he will be turning one in August, and already is staying on silos and almost walking. By the time he's going to be around he's not going to need to be babied like that. Its a lot for me right now, I'm emotional and just trying to take shit day by day. Figured I'd just go the other path then. Had a job interview a few days ago. It went rather well actually. It's for a full-time assisting position at a private practice right in downtown Mt. Clemens. They told me I'd be hearing from them either way within a week or so. If i get, and accept this job, there's no fooling around. I'd be the only assistant, there world be no one to fill in for me if i needed to be absent or was sick. So this is a rather large commitment, I hope I'm ready if I do on fact, get hired. We've been toying around with the idea of moving again,maybe to little smaller of a place, in a better location. The area we're in now isn't bad, i feel safe and all that. But Eric's dad and his gf are really pushing for us to move back around where we were, perhaps St..Clair shores. I know the schools will be better there, and intend to have Colleen for her next school year so I have to make sure she's going to a decent school. And maybe we can find somewhere smaller because at this rate I don't see us needing a whole separate bedroom for Niko since we aren't going to have him as much as I would have liked. I have a feeling though, that once he's used to Eric, Eric is going to want more time with him and we'll ends up back at court because she will more than likely refuse. It's all pretty crazy and a lot of changes are happening. I'm just excited for Colleen to finally be out of school for the summer, and back with me full time. Everything will work it's way out eventually, however things are meant to be.... Well, it's beautiful outside and I promised Colleen some solid park.time today so I should probably get ready for the day now. I'm ready after my pot.of coffee now lol. Take it easy everyone,.more posts to follow as anything new happens.

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