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long and exhausting weekend... [Jun. 9th, 2013|10:16 pm]
Colleen and i just finally made our way home, man I'm tired! We spent a majority of our day at the beach. We went with Kevin's new lady Beth and her twin boys Seth and Peyton. It was craziness! Three four year olds, can you say handful? But it was fun and i actually really like Beth so i see good things ahead. After that we dropped in to surprise Kevin at work and feed the kids, that was interesting... Friday i spent most of the night just cleaning and trying to get my room organized. Kelly ended up stopping by so her and i hung out for a little while and chatted. Then yesterday we kinda just vegged out around the house , then early evening we went to hang out at kellys for a while. That's when i met Beth, her and i had a few, and a couple shots of jager as well. Then Kevin got off work and they took off. The rest of the night was dreamt up... Haha. Literally, a fine, sparkling web teetering back and forth between reality and whatever else you choose to call it. Beyond drunk, intoxicated doesn't even describe it, just, ..... Tonight is like that as well, minus the alcohol lol. It's just me and my girl, what truly is important to me. she is so bright and only getting prettier, how anyone couldn't love or adore her is beyond me. That's where i am in my life right now. He and I are through, i can't even bring myself to say or type out his name right now. It's never easy breaking up, especially when there is still unresolved and unspoken feelings that will never get a chance to come to light. Oh well, i tried, harder than i have with anyone else. You can't force someone, can't make them want to change, or make them accept things in your life that you yourself can't change. Maybe it's for the best,. Be single for a while, regroup and get my life in order. I don't have the energy for anything or anyone else right now. Need to gather my strength. I'm sad, I'm hurt and alone, but i know I'm better off. When I'm ready again perhaps I'll find someone who appreciates me, wants me flaws and all. Most importantly, someone who accepts my beautiful Colleen. Well, that's gonna do it for tonight. Heres to the summer, being single, and picKing up the pieces and becoming stronger then ever.

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