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days like this... [May. 6th, 2013|12:34 am]
Literally today ruined the awesome weekend I had. For one I had Friday off,that's always a bonus. The weather was super nice. Helped accomplish some building, I caulked :) Colleen was with me and met a new little friend at Erics. I watched the two of them when the guys worked. Last night we finally got an evening alone, no kids, no one hanging out but the two of us. Made a fire, I spotted an owl. Spent the night, being bats lol. Good times. Today Eric took me to lunch, upon leaving he noticed a leak under my car. Checked my fluids, my oil was completely dry, and the same for the Trans fluid. So we walked over to the Sears auto area and got some shit. I'm still leaking the Trans fluid and my car is making a strange noise. Pretty sure the noise is just from the fluid getting on one of my belts but can't be sure. So that ruined my day. I'm.completely fucked. I have roughly $100 to live on.for two weeks. I'm stressed about that, now my car, just lots of shitty all at once. Being out here on my own is difficult because i need to be making more money. I make enough to live, to have this.place, but nothing left over to even buy groceries. So even though financially I'm not the greatest, other aspects of my life make up for it. I spend half my time here, with Colleen. I love being able to have her at night, even though the stinker fell asleep real early on me tonight. She actually just woke up and asked me to come to bed. She's got a hell of a cough going, and I'm scared to dose her like i did the other night. I could only do it once she was sleeping, otherwise she runs. I got most of it in before she could realize and then she swung on me! She seriously tried to punch me and got real pissed! Haha, but she slept better without hacking all night. So it's always a pleasure, time with her. The other half of my time I'm at erics. I like the path our relationship has taken. I think we both understand it better now. If we weren't both so damn hard headed it might go smoother, but that's never going to change so gotta work around that. Haha, he's great though and more and more every day I'm allowing myself to not fear depending on him. I finally feel like I'm not all alone in this crazy life. I got someone to rely on :) it's nice not being in it alone any longer. Well, i wrote a short novel i was just bored this evening. Best get a little rest tomorrow comes early, yay.

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