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slow ass day... [Apr. 16th, 2013|02:52 pm]
Work, totally lame today. We aren't making shit for money and so far.haven't pulled any craziness out of our asses. Shitty. yesterday was a strange day. Ended up leaving work way early cause i got a text from my mom saying she was at the hospital. Chest pain, an abnormal EKG that sort of thing. She stayed for the first two tests they ran, but refused the third for some crazy reason. So that ended up being a complete fiasco. They wouldn't let me and Stephanie in the back at the same time so she wanted to stay and i left. Went over to Erics. We smoked a bowl, went for a nice walk. When we got back to his place his buddy Matt stopped by. Then his other friend Ryan and his daughter Madison dropped by. In the middle of all that candy popped up out of nowhere! So we're all hanging out and his other friend Ryan showed up as well. It was kinda crazy. At least it was a nice day but cooled down quickly. Everyone disappeared and we went in, drank us a few more beers, talked and listened to music. It was nice. We do that all the time, yet i never get bored with it because we have so many sweet things to talk about. It's about to be a year from our first meeting, and i have a little mixed emotions about that. One I'm disappointed because we weren't together for what, four of those months? I wish it could be our one year anniversary without saying oh yeah except for that time.... But otherwise I'm happy, i mean, we got it together and i deeply care about and love him. I'm finally seeing what it is that's been missing. I'm not going anywhere, I've found it.

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